Payment plans over $35
Payment plans over $35

The Bev Bag

Whether you are a coffee lover, wine enthusiast, or boba addict.. this bag is made for you.

Shami Oshun designed the Bev Bag because she always need free hands while having beverage. It took months to conceptualize something that worked for small and large cups. The Bev Bag has a special shape at the top so it carries your beverage by the lip. The shape was inspired by different stones to create an unforgettable stylish look. Each bag takes about 20 hours to make. It is assembled then placed in a handmade satin bag and shipped to you.

Available in San Francisco

We are excited to share that you can shop unreleased and last collections favs at Betty Lin in San Francisco.

Betty Lin Boutique

3625 Sacramento St

San Francisco, CA 94118

Tech x fashion

3D printed fringe dress

made by Shami Oshun

modeled by Jeana Turner

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