Shami Oshun, a fashion designer based in California built her brand in 2015 to provide unique and timeless designs to the world. Since then she has received recognition from British Vogue, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed among other outlets. Most known for her "pretty in purple" prom dress, Garden collection, and 3D printed wearable art. 

In 2017, Shami started intigrating 3D printing with fashion to push the boundaries of wearable art. Shortly after she was listed by 3der.org as an influential woman in 3D printing.  In 2018, she release the 3D printed Bev Bag which is designed to carry your beverage (boba, coffee, wine glass, etc). She was inspired by her daily life of being on the go and always being inconvienced by the beverage in her hand. The Bev Bag is now the brands staple piece being worn by men and women around the world.

Shami also shares her story and skills with young kids at different schools and after school programs to Inspire them to pursue their dreams. Whether the focus is on fashion or tech, it's important to Shami that kids can see themselves in her as a young Black tech fashion designer.