-How should I care for my color changing products?
Please keep your items in a dark, dry place when not in use as excessive exposure to sunlight or water may fade the pigmentation of the product. 

-How do I care for my mask?
Please gently hand-wash your mask in cold water then air dry. If you wish to apply a filter, slide into the two flaps on the inside of mask.

-What if I put the wrong address?
To best help yourself in this situation, please fill out the contact form here as soon as possible with your ORDER NUMBER and CORRECT ADDRESS so that we can make note prior to shipment. Unfortunately, once your order is sent out, we cannot correct the address.

-My item got returned to sender, what next?
If there was an error on USPS’s end, we recommend filing a claim. However, if it is an instance of missed delivery or wrong address, we are not able to issue you a refund or reshipment. If you are still interested in your items, you must re-place your order.  

-How does international shipping work?
Please be aware that international orders take longer to ship. Certain countries charge import fees, PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. We are unable to issue a refund if your order gets bounced back due to unpaid import fees. Due to Covid-19, import time and fees may be different than expected. Please refer to UPS/USPS website for more information.

-How do I know when my order shipped?
Once your order has been shipped, we will send you a confirmation email with a tracking number. You can use that tracking number to see where the item is, along with estimated arrival date.

-What happens when I pay for expedited shipping?
Please note that this option only expedites shipping time, processing time is not included. 

-USPS/UPS lost or is taking longer than expected to deliver my package.
Once scanned in by USPS/UPS, we are unable to access more information than what is given via the tracking number you received. If your order gets lost or is taking longer than expected to arrive, please understand that is entirely out of our control and the issue must be taken up with USPS/UPS. We’d suggest filing a claim on their website for further information. *Please note that Covid-19 has caused shipment delays. 

-What should I do if my order arrives damaged?
Should your order be damaged when received, please contact our customer service here within 24 hours.

-Do you accept returns?
Items are not eligible for returns unless otherwise specified on the product description page.